Our wild flower garden beds at Adderbury Lakes still have ox-eye daisies in bloom and everybody I come across is very pleased to see them there. Below is my FB post today about my visit on Thursday of this week, just to see how the garden was looking. Next Saturday is the November Adderbury Lakes working party meet and I shall be there to take care of our beds, weeding etc.

A good visit to our WI wild flower beds at Adderbury Lakes on Tuesday to see how they were doing and all was well. The ox-eye daisies were still blooming excellently and the back-border of the main bed still in good shape after its recent pruning. There are bright red berries still on the deadly night shade plant and the selfheal is also still in bloom, just.

Earlier in the summer, I found other selfheal plants in bloom beyond our main bed for a short while, and then they disappeared. A natural thing I imagine but oddly, the selfheal plant in our main wild flower bed at KHH also suddenly disappeared in 2015.

Now in 2016, we have another selfheal plant but this time in the smaller, 2nd bed, at KHH, the one which has only dead flowers on its stem. It hides closely behind the corn chamomile and its looking perfectly healthy at the moment but I’m keeping it in my sight, just in case it disappears during the coming months. I do so hope it’s still with us next spring. I will keep you posted xxx

The selfheal plant just visible in this first photo.