Gardening Group

Making the outdoors more beautiful
Our Grow Wild Seed wild flowers at Katharine House Hospice have put on a hearty show all summer. Now we impatiently await seed gathering days to increase our seed bank store for future sowings.

Our new area at Katharine House Hospice now hosts its own GWS wild flower plants and we hope for blossoms before the end of summer.

WI wild flowers at Katharine House Hospice

Adderbury WI Gardening Group began in October 2014 when we successfully applied for seeds from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Grow Wild Seed Team.  Katharine House Hospice agreed to provide a growing area and helped with ground preparation in May 2015.

Gill sowing seeds for our new Grow Wild Seed wild flower area at Katharine House Hospice May 2015

Every year since then we have been growing our seeds and developing the site.  In 2018 we were given a second area at KHH and was prepared and then seeded in September. We meet there on Thursday mornings from 10.30 to 11.30 and we would be delighted if you would join us.  Coffee is kindly provided for us by KHH.


We also planted and now manage a small area of wild flowers at Adderbury Lakes Nature Reserve.

We are currently exploring ways of further developing this group, proposing to visit a variety of local gardens, including NT properties, followed by a venue lunch or at an adjacent PH. We aim to car share whenever possible or use available bus services.Our first outing was to Rousham House Gardens in July 2018. 

The following venues are being considered but members’ suggestions would be most welcome:

Oxford Botanic Garden

National Herb Centre

Waterperry Gardens


Broughton Grange

Sulgrave Manor Herb Garden

Upton House Gardens – for their aster collection