Thursday morning was a most perfect autumn day, leaves twirling down from sunbright glowing trees, leaves crunchy underfoot and clumps of leaves in pockets, beneath plants and anywhere the wind blew them all over the lovely gardens at Katharine House Hospice. The Garden Team were hard at work clearing the ground of leaves as I arrived to collect seeds for next year aft er which, rake in hand, I set to to clear our beds of fallen leaves.

Wonderful morning at KHH for WI GWS gardening on Thursday of this week where at last I was able to collect perfectly ready corn chamomile seed heads for saving for next year. The gardening team were leaf clearing – the lawns were thickly carpeted with masses of red, gold and yellow leaves – which all have to be removed, saved and stored separately for future leaf mold. So I set too with my trusty rake and cleared most of the leaves around and on our WI beds but more were falling as I left, so know other masses will need clearing next week !!!