Causes we believe in and support

 We support the WI national campaigns. These aim to respond to issues which affect society and have been identified by the national membership, through the Resolutions process, as ones where the WI can make a difference.

Recent campaigns have included End Plastic Soup, Alleviate Loneliness, Reduce Food Waste and Parity for Mental Health. We try to take local action to further the campaign issues. We completed the NFWI survey of information about product life and storage on labelling in supermarkets, and discussions about reducing our use of plastics resulted in members using new products to replace cling film and to trap micro fibres in washing machines.

In 2019 two Resolutions were carried at the NFWI Annual Meeting, one aimed at stopping the decline in rural bus services and the second responding to the falling take up of the smear test for cervical cancer.
WI branches are encouraged to find practical ways to support these initiatives and this will be a topic for future meetings.

The process of choosing the 2020 Resolutions began at our January meeting when members voted individually for those which were put forward for this year. At that meeting Ending Modern Slavery received the most votes from our members. We now know that this is one of the two Resolutions which will be voted on at the NFWI Annual Meeting on 4 June. The second is a Call to Increase Potential Stem Cell Donor Registration.

If you would like to get involved in any of the campaigns, please contact us.