Reading Group

A very popular group whose members enjoy lively discussions about books recommended by one of the group

  We meet at a member’s house each month at 7.30pm. Over the course of a year we read modern fiction, classics, works in translation and at least one non-fiction title. Books which we think will produce interesting discussions are chosen by the group from suggestions by members. For further information please contact us. New members are always welcome.

 Thanks to one of our members who kindly hosted Zoom meetings from April 2020, we were able to continue with our planned programme, Then on a beautiful September evening five members met in Dawn’s welcoming garden. We discussed The Brighton Mermaid and enjoyed each others’ company with a glass of Pimms to celebrate the occasion. We hope to meet again face-to-face in October. Whatever the next few months bring stay well and enjoy the welcome escape that reading offers! Below is our programme from April. 

Book Group April 2021-January 2022





April 7

My Name is Leon

Kit de Waal


May 12

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass 



June 9

Human Croquet

Kate Atkinson


July 7

American Duchess

Anna Pasternak


September 8

The Brighton Mermaid

Dorothy Koonson


October 13

The Mayor of Casterbridge


Thomas Hardy


November 10

My Grandmother Sends her Regards and Apologies

Frederick Backman


December 8

The Braid

Laetitia Columbani


January 12

Agent Sonya


Ben Macintyre