Join us for outings to places of local interest

At various times in the year we arrange visits to local places of interest. Most recently we have enjoyed a guided tour of Rousham House and spent time in the gardens there. Earlier last year we were guided around sites in Oxford linked with the filming of Morse, Lewis and Endeavour episodes.

Previous outings have included a tour of the Ardley Energy Recovery Facility, where we met Meg the Megawattasaurus made from items sent for recycling. We have also visited a herbalist’s garden, Sulgrave Manor, Oxford County Court, the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick and Upton House. 

More outings are being planned and suggestions of places to visit are always welcome.


Outings Reports

“Made in Dagenham”            Report by Sandra      14 Feb 2019

 Pat and I had an enjoyable visit to see the Oxford University Student Company production of “Made in Dagenham”.

This musical is based on a film made about the historical actions of women sewing machinists at the Ford factory in Dagenham. They went on strike in 1968, asking for equal grading and pay as men for equivalent work.

The strike, eventually also involving all the male car workers, was instrumental in Barbara Castle, Secretary of State for Employment, introducing The Equal Pay Act in 1970.

As such, the story is very much in keeping with the campaigning ethos of WI – women getting together to get things done. 

The talented and enthusiastic cast portrayed the way women were unjustly treated and how ordinary people could change things through sacrifice and determination. The 60’s style music and dance were well done, although a bit over- loud, and there was rather a lot of very earthy language, but in all it was an enjoyable and thought provoking show.

50 years later the fight for equality for women is still not won.