Craft Group

Work on your own projects, improve your skills and work with us on WI craft projects

The group meets at a member’s house and as dates and venues are arranged, details are added to the Calendar. All levels of expertise are catered for from the beginner to the experienced crafter. When there is no specific joint project underway, members are invited to bring their own current pieces and to work on them while enjoying a sociable afternoon or evening.


February Craft meetings by Zoom were held on Monday 8 and Monday 15 February to learn the Japanese art of Amigurumi for making small, stuffed yarn animals,  and we were to make a two-colour Dinosaur.  Good progress for keen crochet practitioners but for beginners, some basic difficulties quickly became apparent.  A separate  tutoring session has been arranged for the same week, when we made progress with our magic circles.  With our second Amigurumi session, our Dinosaur’s feet took shape and with basic work on yarn and hook holding, members and our work became less tense and awkward. A further craft session on Friday 19 February for individual help and development of our dinosaur’s body, pattern interpretation and advanced stitchery.  Altogether, we’ve learnt how to make a magic circle, techniques for increase and decrease of stitches, how to create a  chain stitch opening for our dinosaur’s tail and the pattern’s special decrease technique for decreasing two stitches at one remove.  Members are now looking forward to our two craft group meetings by Zoom for next month on Monday 8 and 15 March for further work on our Amigurumi Dinosaur.

We began our 2021 Craft group meetings by Zoom on 18 January with an excellent get-together and plans are in hand for two meetings in February.  Members expressed a keen passion for learning the art of crochet and hooks, yarn and a pattern are being circulated to needy hands.

With year 2020 and ongoing Covid-19 difficulties and restrictions, Craft meetings have unfortunately been curtailed yet, still keen to continue our crafting activity, we have enjoyed Zoom meetings in May and June and a discussion meeting in July. August is our holiday month for crafting but we met in September for another Zoom meeting. Then before the Rule of Six directive came in we managed an informal craft meeting in October at The Bell, which was much enjoyed by those who attended. A meeting set up for November unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the second Lock Down, in force from November 5th to December 3rd. We look forward to future craft meetings and learning how to crochet with members knowledgeable in this craft.

Projects in 2019 included the following:

Every WI in Oxfordshire was asked to embroider a leaf to be part of the Oxfordshire WI 2019 Centenary wall hanging.  Each leaf had to show the full name and date of inauguration of that WI. We chose a sycamore leaf as one was on the banner of the first WI in Adderbury, and one of our members designed and stitched it.  

We later found out that the original was actually a maple leaf, celebrating the Canadian origin of the WI movement!

Members created items for a group entry for the OFWI craft exhibition at Didcot. and in the Autumn we made small poppy badges, one for for each member to wear at the November meeting.

Group members also helped with making the decorations for our entry in the 2019 Christmas Tree Festival.