Annual Report 2013/2014

our establishment in November 2010. We also consider the year ahead and how best to capitalise on the opportunities that arise from our large and diverse membership.


Adderbury & District WI Annual Report 2013/2014

In this report we describe our activities during 2013/2014 and highlight the progress we have made since

2013/14 was a great year for us with your committee spending time planning a programme of events to stimulate, educate and excite members. It was all very worthwhile as we have been entertained by some excellent speakers.

At the start of our year Ann Latimore gave an inspiring talk on her association with the Robert Winston ‘Well Women’ charity.   She was given the idea of completing a bike ride for the charity despite being rather plump, unfit and unable to ride a bike.   She then completed a second ride which took her though Jordan raising thousands of pounds for charity.  She brought the journey to life with her humorous delivery.

The month of April brought us ‘Green and Gorgeous’.   Rachel brought a breath of spring and a promise of things to come with her beautiful flower arrangements.

The May meeting began with a light-hearted quiz about Banbury and then saw a highly interactive discussion about the NFWI Resolution “The decline of town centres and High Streets” . 

June we had Carousel Costumes with some beautiful theatrical costumes which a couple of our members modelled for us with amazing effect.   

At the July meeting  we welcomed Moira Byast who gave us a thoroughly interesting and amusing talk on sayings, anecdotes and their meanings that have been passed down the centuries, many of which are still in use today.   

September Mrs Cross gave us a Corn Dolly Demonstration, after which we all had a go and made a small favour to hang in our homes as a fertility sign. 

Chrissis’s Owls in October saw members being treated to a humorous but passionate talk about her commitment to rescuing owls and birds of prey, bringing with her two beautiful owls.    

November Jeremy Wilton gave us an interesting talk about the production each month of the Four Shires magazine.  

January Valerie Burton talked about the history and her memories of Witney Blanket making and the wealth it created in the town and surrounding villages.    

 In February it Was ‘Vive la difference’ with Marie-Noelle Witty giving us her very strong Impressions of the difference between the French and English in their attitude to food, wine and meal making.  

I hope you will agree we couldn’t be faulted for our variety of speakers and we look forward to 2014 being just as exciting.

We have also helped or been part of the following activities:

Several members attended The Oxfordshire Federation Annual General Meeting in March – Adam Henson being the guest speaker.

 March was also Fairtrade Fiesta in Banbury Town Hall – volunteers manned a stall and made traybakes.

In April we hosted the Group Meeting welcoming members from Banbury, Deddington, Bloxham and Barford at which Peter Lein from Denman College was our guest and members had provided a delicious supper.

The Great Food Debate didn’t really get off the ground despite a lot of research by our Vice President, Lynne.

In April members made cakes and manned a stall at Broughton Grange Open Gardens – to raise money for KHH.

In  June it was Party in the Park – again we manned a stall on a rota basis and made cakes.  Margaret Halstead gave us an amusing account of the trials and rewards of taking part.   

In May two Oxford Walks took place and members enjoyed learning more about Oxford from their guide.

15 May was the visit to King Stone Farm, Rollright – to see pedigree cows who took themselves off to be milked a highlight for some members.

June was the Church and School Fete and members filled and decorated jars.  They looked lovely and the jars literally flew off the stall, a very successful fundraiser.

In August, Our President hosted a Pimms and Nibbles evening in her delightful garden at Holly House.

In September several members went along to the Mill to hear Tricia Stewart, one of the original calendar girls give an excellent talk.   She is so dedicated to her mission of raising money for Lymphoma research.

October it was the Art Fest in St Mary’s Church and again members were on hand to make refreshments and man the table.

September some members helped with the Macmillan coffee morning.

November Julie Summers was in Adderbury to give her talk on History of the WI – the Jam Busters.  Members and villagers went along not only to listen to Julie’s interesting talk but to be treated to a sumptuous tea laid on by our Catering Group.  Many purchased a signed copy of her book.

Members went to Looby Loo Cakes and came home with beautifully iced sponge cakes

Banbury Young Homeless Project was our charity of the year and we have taken several food boxes and given money from a Speaker’s fee.

Our reading, knitting and walking groups have continue to be enjoyed.     Two of our members, Veronica Scriven and Pauline Leathers embroidered a beautiful pennant with the Adderbury WI name on it.  This was taken to OFWI and will be joined with others to make bunting for display at OFWI meetings.  See photographs on our website.

Members were encouraged to take part in a Denman Dip for a £1.  The winner to receive a £200 prize to be offset against a course at Denman.  The draw to take place at the AGM.

Our website is still an important step for us as it provides us with the opportunity to communicate and celebrate the work of our WI.   It is regularly updated so please take time to visit us on 

The report would not be complete without mentioning all the teas and coffees we have served and the delicious cakes we have baked for various village events.   A very big thank you to members for doing this.

All in all 2013/14 has been a successful year for Adderbury & District WI and long may it continue.   We have 55 paid up members plus 13 outstanding subscriptions and an average monthly attendance at our meetings of 40 members and 2 visitors. We also continue to attract new members.  

This year we received an education grant of £200 from Adderbury Parish Council for which we are very grateful.   

2014  promises to be very busy and in the coming year we aim to:

  • seek out opportunities to contribute further to our local community
  • manage our finances effectively so that we continue to thrive and prosper
  • continue to focus on friendship, learning and enjoyment
  • expand our horizons

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of the report or work of the WI.


Janet Morgan, Secretary, Caroline Rathbone, President

March 2014