Needlecraft Group

We meet at a member’s house at 7.30pm usually on the first Monday of the month.

Please check our notice board or this site for full details.

All levels are catered for from the very new knitter to the more experienced and all levels in between!

Some group members have their own little project that they would like to complete others are practising their knitting skills by knitting up squares. These will be made into blankets that will be sent to an orphanage in Africa.

However, if you would like to help knit up squares but cannot make the knitting club, your help would be appreciated. We are making squares; 30 stitches on 4mm needles in garter stitch.

We have currently made 5 blankets that have been sent to GAGA. If you would like to continue to make squares, it will be more than welcome but please note that GAGA will not be our supporting chariety for 2012/2013.

The knitting group will pick up its needles in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye on our diary pages.


Programme for 2014  –  The Needlecraft Group met in April and will now break for the summer.

September 2014 Update for Needlecraft Group –  At September’s meeting, interested members added their names to  a list for a revised craft group to include such  arts as tapestry, cross-stitch and embroidery, plus knitting, with meetings held in member’s homes, as for the book  group, and Bernice has stated that she is happy to contact members to arrange a first meeting.

WI Needlecraft Group – email from Bernice – It looks as if we could go ahead with a  group for members to bring their projects to – knitting, cross-stitch, tapestry, embroidery – with regular meetings and, like the book group, get-together in different members’ houses each time.  Wednesday evenings would appear to be the best evening to meet up and Bernice has suggested the third Wednesday of the month to avoid clashing with other group meetings.  Thus the first date could be Wednesday, 17th September and then October 15th, November 20th, December 18th , January 15th and February 19th, with a possible start time of 7.30 to 9.00 pm (as opposed to the original timing of 7 to 9 o’clock).

Bernice suggests members share their thoughts on the contents of her email as soon as possible and, if the first meeting is to take place as suggested,  then a volunteer to host the first evening will be needed, as Bernice will be away then.

Update – WI Needlecraft Groupemail from Bernice 22//9/14 –  Maureen Banks has kindly offered to host the “needlecrafters” meeting on Wednesday, October 15th.  If you are planning to come, please would you let Maureen know as soon as you can.  Her email address is –   Some dates were mistakenly quoted unfortunately – please note the following – November’s meeting would be  on Wednesday, 19th and December’s date would be Wednesday 17th.  January will need discussing later because the WI meeting is a week later than usual,  as the first Thursday is New Year’s Day, but February’s meeting would be on the 18th

Update – WI Needlecraft Group Meeting – Message from Bernice that January meeting will be on Wednesday, 21st January and the venue will be announced at our first 2015 WI meeting at The Methodist Church on Thursday, 8th January.

JAN.2015 Update:  Confirm venue for the January Needlecrafter’s meeting for Wednesday, 21st January with Caroline or Bernice.

JAN.2015 MEETING UPDATE:   Ladies please note, all needlecrafters are welcome to Caroline’s home – Holly House Manor Road – tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 21st Jauary at 7.30 with their craftwork of choice for a pleasant evening of needlecraft and chatter.

FEBRUARY.2015 MEETING UPDATE: Needlecraft Meeting on Wednesday, 18th February at Caroline’s home.

MARCH.2015 MEETING UPDATE: Needlecraft Meeting on Wednesday, 25th March at Janet’s home

APRIL.2015 MEETING UPDATE:  Five members met at Janet Morgan’s home for a good session with thread, needle, cloth and wool for our April Needlecraft meeting with  a glass of wine for a happy hour of work and chatter; this meeting being my first group meeting.

MAY2015 MEETING UPDATE:  Needlecraft Meeting on Wednesday, 13th May at Maureen Bank’s home

JUNE 2015 MEETING ,UPDATE:  Needlecraft Meeting on Wednesday, 17th June at 7.30pm


UPDATE –  WI NEEDLECRAFT GROUP MEETING;  Please note there is a meeting this coming week –

Wednesday,  15th July at 7.30pm at Bernice’s home at 2 Long Wall Close, tel. 812125.

Kindly advise Bernice if you intend to be present to allow the gathering in of sufficient chairs for the evening.

FUTURE UPDATE – NEEDLECRAFT GROUP MEETING;  We have decided to hold future Needlecraft group meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month beginning with:

Wednesday, 15th July  – at Bernice’s home – Please tell Bernice if you plan to attend at 2 Long Wall Close, tel. 812125

Wednesday, 16th September  – at Caroline’s home

Wednesday, 14th October – at Maureen’s home.

Please contact Bernice if you require any further details for any meeting – tel. 812125

Please also note the clash of interests for Wednesday, 14th October when our Reading group meet is also programamed to take place, which must be seen as a one-off and entirely unavoidable clash.


Wednesday, 18th November – at Janet’s home – Working Party for Christmas tree decorations – at 7pm

Please contact Bernice if you require further details of  group meetings.


JANUARY 2016   – We meet on Wednesday, 20th January – at Maureen’s home – for our “Share the Love – make and wear a green heart for Valentine’s Day” and save the things you love from climate change.

My presentation for NFWI & initiatives Campaign "Share the Love" for Climate Control

My presentation for NFWI & initiatives Campaign “Share the Love” for Climate Control


FEBRUARY 2016 – We meet on – Wednesday, 17th February – at Janet Morgan’s home to knit squares or diamonds for blankets to send to Syria, using patterns kindly supplied by Enid.  Any donations of wool will be most welcome.







MARCH 2016 – We meet on – Wednesday, 16th March 2016 at Diane’s home 46 Rochester Way at 7.30pm


APRIL 2016 – We meet on – Wednesday, 20th April – venue to be announced



Margaret Halstead